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Hi, My name is Younes Cheikh and i’m a programmer and a blogger, also known online as cYounes. Currently staying in France, i studied computer sciences at JF Champollion University. I started my computing career in 2001 when i had my first personal computer.

I setup this website mainly to distribute information to my friends and collect experiences with webpage programing.

I am a person who has high passion in programing and development, and have been loving every minute of it, one of my dreams is to master all the development technologies and become one of the top developers in the world, and now, i am working toward it!

knowledge of: C/C# .Net, OCaml, Java, Python, SQL, Shell Script, html, CSS, XML

interested in: Latex, Ruby, Awk

I’m very passionate about technologies, programming languages and algorithms.

I’m C-addicted, I’ve been studying regularly with C language since 2009, with knowledge of Java, Python, Caml, SQL, PHP, html, css, Shell and much more.

I’m currently available for programming or development opportunities. I prefer short, catchy projects. Let me know if I can help you.

if you are interested in my CV Feel free to email me for request it or just get in touch. I also have a LinkedIn profile. For news and updates, subscribe the RSS feed or follow me on Twitter.

What can you find here?

I'm not a perfectionist in this regard however, i just want to share my knowledge with you, computer programming, softwares, tutorials and more stuff. Also in this page, you find some open source projects that I have developed.